Boston residents, suburbanites, tourists from across the country, European visitors -- people taking advantage of all that Boston has to offer downtown and along its waterfront -- walk by those two stately buildings, and wonder what it's like to live at Harbor Towers. A few answers ...





Q)   What is life like at Harbor Towers?
A)  Living at Harbor Towers is summed up by "freedom" and "access." The luxury-living towers — some with balconies, all with current access to the outdoor pool and adjacent parking - - were built in a time when urban living had yet to become popular. A few decades later, and having been frequently updated, the spacious homes on 40 floors are in the heart of the leisure-living waterfront neighborhood, close to the business district, and many have unparalleled views. For singles, couples, or even small families, Harbor Towers is convenient to the outpouring of Boston's dining and cultural experiences, with quick access to public transit, intercity rail, the Interstate highway system, and a growing water transportation system. Harbor Towers is pet-friendly (within reason).


Q) Harbor Towers was one of the earlier residential communities built on the Downtown Waterfront and recently underwent a major renovation of its mechanical and electrical systems. Is that complete?.
A)  Not only is "the project," as residents knew it, complete, but after a vigorous and productive initial debate about details and types of systems, it was brought in on time in mid 2009 and under its $75 million budget. Harbor Towers has new air-conditioning and heating systems along with in-unit coil boxes, added to all new windows that were installed several years ago. Also the buildings' exteriors have been fully resurfaced and newly painted, and the two concrete structures seem timeless, while serving as home to thousands of Bostonians and newcomers. The project recently won an award from The Association of Commercial and Institutional Builders of Massachusetts and the units and rooms have never been more comfortable, or the temperatures easier to control.


Q)  What is the history of Harbor Towers - how did Boston decide to have two modern-style 40-story residential buildings on its relatively low-scale Waterfront?
A)   The Harbor Towers story is a rich piece of Boston's past. Urban planner Ed Logue was hired by the City of Boston to try to turn around decades of decay. A leading piece of Logue's plan was to revitalize Boston's historic but underused waterfront, parts of which had been abandoned and neglected. An urban renewal master plan for the downtown waterfront and Faneuil Hall area led to redevelopment of historic Quincy Market buildings into a popular and nationally known tourist and meeting spot. And the owner of India Wharf chose famed architect I.M. Pei to design two iconic residential towers for the water's edge. Harbor Towers and the arrival of the New England Aquarium kicked off a new era of waterfront use in the city, and 65 and 85 East India Row became the successful residential communities they are today.


Q) I don't want a "full-service" unit like a condo at a hotel, but I do want the convenience of city commercial services and amenities close by. Is Harbor Towers for me?
A) There's a good chance the answer is yes. Harbor Towers does not have the cost and complexity of a close attachment to a luxury hotel and its services. However, those same services and conveniences are within a short reach. The towers are flanked on one side by the Boston Harbor Hotel and InterContinental hotels, and, on the other, by the Marriott Boston Long Wharf. Restaurants - over 100 just in the North End and other gathering spots like Legal Sea Food and Sel de la Terre - abound in the area. Dry cleaning, laundry pickup, dog walking, and grocery delivery are just some of the many services that our residents utilize while some residents do utilize their own choice of in-house laundry and cleaning services. During the summer months an outdoor heated pool, lawn, grills and an enclosed playground are truly unique features for relaxing and entertaining-- secluded but right near Atlantic Avenue and with a spectacular Boston Harbor view. Both buildings have 24-hour lobby security and a staffed gatehouse entrance. Parking is a short walk to the two lower floors of the Harbor Garage, also known as the Aquarium garage. You can make the most of your time - working, playing, or just enjoying life - at Harbor Towers.
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